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Benefits to the Institutions

List of benefits for SNPL merchant members
List of benefits for SNPL merchant members
  • Collaboration with multiple banks, up to 9 million card users will access SNPL.
  • Ease of cash flow management. We take care of payments and give you monthly reports for reconciliation.
  • Risk Free - You get paid upfront, we settle the rest.
  • Simple - We handle the admin, waive setup fees and we process student applications within minutes.
  • Smooth digital experience.

Which Results In:

SNPL member benefits results in revenue growth!
  • Increase in new student enrolments via 0% installment plans and financing.
  • Grow student recruitment through our platform reach.
  • Lower student dropout rates due to financial circumstances.
  • Higher acceptance rates.
SNPL member benefits results in revenue growth!
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Promotional Methods

SNPL promotional methods
SNPL promotional methods
  • SNPL will be promoted in all CitiWorld Education School and Public Fairs (Over 150 fairs annually).
  • SNPL will be promoted on the platforms of all the collaborating banks.
  • Parents (students) can pay tuition fees by credit card points with our “on the spot redemption program” with all participating institutions.
  • Students/ Parents get rewarded with free movie tickets, vouchers and related products and services provided by our partner - Dreamshop.

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